5,000-HP Alien Hypercar Has A Claimed 363-MPH Top Speed


Assuming everything Alieno says will eventually reach production, the Unum will be sold in four versions: RP2, RP3, RP4, and RP5 (with ‘RP’ representing ‘raw power’). The least powerful Unum RP2 produces 2,610 hp from two electric motors per wheel while the RP5 dials it up to 5,221 hp with 24 motors (six per wheel). Alieno says the RP5’s top speed will be 363 mph, which would easily earn it the title of world’s fastest production car (if it actually gets put into production). Beyond the power choices, each of those versions would be available as the STR (Street), TRC (Track), or RCE (Race) model.

If those power figures sound unbelievable, wait until you hear about the charging speeds. Alieno says it will offer three battery packs: a 180 kWh Street Battery Pack, 120 kWh Track Battery Pack, and 60 kWh Race Battery Pack. The Unum’s 800-volt charging architecture would allow it to charge from 0-100% in just 30 minutes for the SBP, 20 minutes for the TBP, or 10 minutes for the RBP on a 350 kW charger.


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