American Car Brands List | USA Car Brands 2023

Many American car brands have led a very significant role in bringing up the automotive sector around the globe. From muscle vehicles, sports cars, classic cars as well as luxury USA Car brands have excelled in every field. American car manufacturers have expanded their market worldwide, but due to very tough competition, a large number of American car companies have discontinued their production.

But after a certain time, many merged or went bankrupt, allowing for some U.S. Car manufacturers to be formed from these companies. We have included a total of 13 American made car brands in our list. Many car brands have closed their services, but to date, we can see some of the car brands in the USA are still ruling the car industry.

List of Top American Car Brands that are active till now:

  1. M
    1. Chevrolet
    2. Cadillac
    3. Buick
    4. GMC
  2. Ford
  3. Chrysler
  4. Dodge
  5. Jeep
  6. Tesla Motors
  7. C. Propulsion
  8. AM General
  9. DeLorean
  10. Polaris
  11. Panoz LLC
  12. Zimmer


Let’s explore each American car brand in more depth.



GM is a company with more than 100 years of experience in the automotive industry. They have been an influential player for all other car manufacturers worldwide and are one of the key players within this domain for years. G.M. is best known for its classic Buick and Chevrolet cars that are affordable, but G.M. also has made itself famous through powerful muscle cars, Camaros as well as the lean Corvette.

G.M. is continuing its reign as one of the world’s top automakers, appearances to prove it. Whenever we think of popular American car brands, G.M. must be on top.

General Motors has been on a roll this year, with their 2013 sales numbers placing them third best inline worldwide behind many top brands.

Within General Motors, we have mainly four companies, namely – Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. Let’s get into the details of each brand.



Chevrolet is one of the top car brands when it comes to car brands made in America. Chevrolet cars are a staple of America’s automotive landscape, spanning more than 100 years. The company was started by  William C. Durant and Louis Chevrolet. They called their company the “Chevrolet Motor Company.” It started in 1911. Detroit, Michigan is where its headquarters is located.

In 1910 Swiss race driver Louis Chevrolet joined forces with former G.M. director William Durant to create what Americans want: The Dream Car Company – Chevrolet!

Chevrolet has been a major contributor to General Motors’ success with over 30 models in production and 27 discontinued ones, contributing $38.43 billion revenue during their first quarter alone!

Currently, Chevrolet is a subsidiary of General Motors Company. It was earlier known as one of “G.M.’s seven divisions.” Chevrolet has been ranked among the top 35 global vehicle manufacturing companies from 2007-2011 under American manufacturing companies!

They have a wide variety of car models ranging from small compact cars to SUVs and commercial trucks. They have 15 best-selling SUV models in America with a 22% market share. They also have 11 best-selling truck models with a 20% market share as per their 2009 report! Chevrolet has been well-known for developing the first mass-produced V8 engines and continues its legacy with several G.M. Powertrain models across the world. Chevrolet also has a strong presence in India, Thailand, and Algeria under Central Asia, and Africa respectively!



Cadillac was founded in Michigan in 1902. They named their new company Cadillac after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who founded Detroit back in 1701! The founder of Cadillac is William Murphy, Lemuel Bowen, Henry M. Leland. They are present in New York City, New York, on the East Coast of America.

Cadillac was renowned for making luxurious vehicles. With fewer models in production than its fellow brand Chevrolet, Cadillac saw a 1.2% slip in sales last year! Cadillac is known for making large (extravagant) automobiles with powerful engines, which were favored by Hollywood stars of the silent film era who sought after Cadillac’s high-status symbols.

In the face of competition from European automakers such as Mercedes and Audi, Cadillac has decided to not only expand its sales in Asia but also manufacture its vehicles in China.

The numbers for SUVs were looking up in 2015. The all-new 2015 Cadillac Escalade well boosted the favorite segment of the market with its better design and performance!

Initially introduced in 2002, the Cadillac CTS came out as a 2003 model. This generation is very luxurious and sleek with its look that suggests speed even when standing still.

Their latest new car lineup of 2015 includes the Cadillac ELR, Cadillac Escalade, Cadillac SRX, Cadillac ATS, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac CTS, Cadillac CTS-V, Cadillac Escalade ESV, Cadillac Escalade EXT.

The Cadillac brand is changing its direction in order to compete in the luxury car market with Mercedes and BMW. Now I hope you have learned more about Cadillac with this article!



Buick, a company that has been around for over 100 years, is still present. It is such a primitive name that we cannot stop wondering how it sounded in our ears back in 1903 when Buicks first hit the American roads. It was founded on May 13, 1903, by David Dunbar Buicks, who were originally from Michigan and is now headquartered out of Detroit, USA.

The 2013 Buick Encore is a new economical SUV that has been highly praised for its luxurious look. With this vehicle, they promised that the line of cars they would manufacture would be more spacious and practical than ever before!

While Buick originally was an automobile company, they are now better known for their production of SUVs. Buicks are also considered more of a luxury type of car, but it is interesting to note that Buick had the first mass-produced front-wheel-drive cars. This would lead the way for their competitors who were working on similar designs at the time. The Buick Special was also released in 1954, which made them one of the very first manufacturers to have an automatic transmission.


General Motors Company:

The history of GMC goes back to 1901 when William C. Durant founded the company after he purchased Buick cars from Siegelsbach Automotive Company which later became part-owned by American Motors Corporation (AMC). He named it General Motor Company because, at that time, it produced only one product – gas masks for soldiers during World War I but soon started making other things like car parts and engine systems too!

The GMC brand has been around for decades and is known as a trustworthy automaker. The trucks they make are affordable, practical vehicles that get good gas mileage too!

In addition to their fantastic lineup of products such as the Terrain SUV or Sierra pickup truck, you can’t go wrong with any vehicle from this company because it will provide dependability at an excellent price point – no matter what your style may be.

General Motors cars were manufactured by the Buick division of General Motors from 1908 through to 2004 when it introduced a new line of luxury vehicles under a different name. The brand produces quality trucks and sport utility vehicles, including brands such as GMC Terrain and Sierra.

A few of the top models of General Motors include Terrain – A popular midsize SUV, Sierra – a full-size pickup truck.



Ford is an American multinational company that was founded in 1903 by industrialist Henry Ford. They are known for their manufacturing of cars, trucks and various other vehicles including electric too! Ford is one of the most popular American auto brands today because they are known for their luxury cars, sports cars, trucks, and family sed that people enjoy owning. Ford has won many awards for safety features in its cars, electric car innovations, etc. Ford has also won awards for its well-performing American-made cars. Ford is still expanding today with more foreign operations, especially in Asia and Europe. Ford is known to have a strong presence in China.

Ford’s main competitor is General Motors. Ford competes against other foreign automakers, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai/Kia, Volkswagen, Renault Samsung, etc. Ford was ranked the 4th largest vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Ford is one of the largest car companies in the world. Ford’s first vehicle was named simply Ford model A. The company began making cars utilizing assembly line techniques to make it easier on workers- this meant more cars could be made in less time.

Ford also introduced standardization of parts for assembly efficiency. This led to lower costs (since they were using their own parts), higher profits because they could sell more cars, and eventually Ford employees got paid more, which attracted better talent to Ford.

Ford has been selling Lincoln (a famous Ford car model) in the United States and Canada for a very long time. Ford has dominated the American car market during that time period with models like Mustang and F-series trucks. Ford has also had some success selling Ford-brand cars in this region.



Chrysler is an American automobile manufacturer headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925. He started it when his old company Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Fiat) went broke after an attempt to produce a low-priced product failed.

Chrysler manufactures different types of vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks. Chrysler markets luxury vehicles under the Chrysler brand name, including Chrysler 300C & Town & Country minivans. The Chrysler brand also includes the Mopar line of automotive parts and accessories for all Chrysler vehicles, including sports cars developed by its Dodge division.

Chrysler Corporation sold the Company to Daimler-Benz AG on May 14, 1998, becoming part of what today is known as “Daimler Chrysler.” A few months later, Chrysler was merged with German automaker Mercedes-Benz; Chrysler Group LLC was formed.



Dodge is an American automobile brand that was started in 1900. Dodge is part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group and currently manufactures cars under five different brands: Dodge, Ram Trucks, Jeep, Dodge SRT, and Dodge electric and electronic vehicles. The earliest Dodge models were sold by Dodge Brothers Company which was founded by John Francis Dodge and his brother Horace Elgin Dodge. In 1915 John Dodge bought out the other co-founder Horace.

A few of the Dodge models which are still in production were designed by Chrysler. Dodge continued to produce trucks and other cars throughout the 20th century, but Dodge was not successful with them. Dodge never became profitable on its own until it was bought out by Chrysler in 1928. The Dodge Brothers Company started manufacturing parts for different car companies like Oldsmobile, Ford, White Motor Company, and Studebaker.



Jeep is a brand of automobiles that is a division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Jeep was one of the oldest manufacturers of off-road vehicles in the United States, going back to 1941. During World War II, it produced the first civilian Jeep, known as the C.J. or Civilian Jeep.

The original Jeep was a World War II U.S. military vehicle built for fighting on various terrains and in other practical circumstances from 1940 to 1945 by American Bantam cars, Willys Motors, and Ford Motor Company. Over the course of World War II and the postwar years, the Jeep was the most important light-wheeled transport car for the United States Army and the Allies.

 Many Jeeps were used by all branches of the U.S. military and its Allies in numerous battles overseas in the second half of the 20th century, including the Korean War and the Vietnam War, as well as continuing to play a part or role in many conflicts throughout much of the world today.

The Jeep marque has been headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, for more than 100 years. In that time, Jeep evolved from being one of several brands of small cars bought by individual American farmers and businessmen into a brand encompassing a number of vehicles, including sport utility vehicles and crossover SUVs, through seven decades.

A few top Jeep models in their history are Jeep CJ, Jeep Cherokee (X.J.), Jeep Wrangler YJ, Jeep Wrangler TJ, Jeep Wrangler JK, Jeep Patriot, and Jeep Compass.


Tesla Motors:

Tesla Motors was started by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard in 2003, and later that year, Elon Musk became chairman of the firm. Tesla Motors is a public company whose purpose is to provide the world with electric cars. Tesla has their headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Its first model, the Tesla Roadster, was released in 2008. Tesla also has a Tesla semi and Tesla pickup truck. Tesla is best known for its Tesla models. While Teslas are expensive, their popularity has grown exponentially since they were first released.

Tesla offers a variety of products, from hybrid sports cars to electric trucks. One of Tesla’s most unique options is autopilot which allows people to have an autonomous driving experience while still being able to have control over steering, acceleration, braking, and lane changing. On the models that have autopilot, Tesla includes a sensor called an ultrasonic sensor that lets drivers know if something is within three meters, so they don’t get into accidents. Tesla also has autopilot on the Tesla Model X that uses cameras to allow people to have a range of features, including autonomous braking, lane changing, and steering.

Tesla motors run on lithium-ion batteries, which Tesla claims gives their vehicles more power than other electric cars on the market. Some of Tesla’s models include the Tesla Roadster, the Tesla S, the VE-golf, Tesla Model X, Tesla pickup truck. Now I hope you enjoyed learning about Tesla motors.

These were a few brands and models of car companies that made a significant impact on the car’s history.

Apart from them, there are a bunch of car brands that manufacture cars in the USA.


AC Propulsion:

AC Propulsion is a small manufacturer of electric vehicle components such as drives, power electronic control units, and battery management systems. The headquarters are located in San Dimas, California. Alan Cocconi and Wally Ripple founded this company in 1992.

AC Propulsion is focused on electrifying cars; as such, AC’s first product was a battery pack for conversions of gasoline cars to electric. AC has continued developing AC drivetrains (AC induction motors) and AC controls.

They have also developed a few cars, namely Scion XB, eBOX, and much more. This company is one of the main electric car manufacturers in California. They are still operating today.


AM General:

AM General is a United States Army and the United States Marine Corps contractor, as well as a provider of automobile, real estate management, trucking, and specialty vehicle manufacturing. This company was founded in the year of 1971 by the former American Motors Corporation president. Its headquarters is still currently located in South Bend, Indiana.

AM General produces a wide variety of products for both civilian and military purposes. Some examples include the Humvee, Jeep, various fire apparatus. It produced cars under both its own nameplates and under license from Kaiser Motors.

AM General is most famously known for its development of “Humvee,” a four-wheel-drive military vehicle with numerous purposes across different branches of the U.S. Military. The first prototypes were developed under a contract from American Motors Corporation (AMC) to replace their existing jeeps currently used within the Army’s motor pool. That’s quick info about AM General.



DeLorean is a car brand founded by John DeLorean in 1975. John DeLorean founded this company in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States of America. A notable characteristic of its design is that it incorporates stainless steel and gull-wing doors. The manufacturer has gone through many phases, including bankruptcy and revival, before finally reviving it.

The company currently only manufactures a single model but plans on releasing more very soon. The forward-thinking designs and reliable engineering have provided a high standard for this reputable brand’s future vehicles.

DMC-12 is a model created by this company and is the most famous one. DMC-12 is known for its stainless steel usage as well as gull-wing doors. This car model has recently been revamped and given a new look by using better engine parts and a more modern look.



Polaris is a member of Polaris Industries, which was founded in 1954. In addition to ATVs, Polaris produces motorcycles, snowmobiles, and electric/hybrid vehicles for on-road use. Polaris has expanded its line up to four-wheel drive sports utility vehicles. The headquarters of Polaris is in Medina, Minnesota. Polaris was founded by Edgar Hetteen, Allen Hetteen, and David Johnson. Polaris has grown to be the biggest manufacturer of recreational vehicles in the world. Polaris is a company with a rich history.

Whenever we are talking about car brands made in America, Polaris is always on the list. Polaris has been making ATVs for decades, and they are still doing it today. Polaris makes all types of ATVs, from recreational to racing ATVs. Polaris has also made snowmobiles for many years. Polaris is the leading manufacturer in selling snowmobiles worldwide. Polaris uses its great reputation that was built into the name “Polaris” to build motorcycles called Polaris Slingshot.

Now I hope you get an idea of Polaris Industries.


Panoz LLC –

In addition to high-performance cars and auto racing parts, Panoz, LLC also makes components for these vehicles. Panoz products include automobiles, hot rods, motor vehicles, racing vehicles, and luxurious vehicles. Panoz, LLC has been in business since 1989, starting off as Panoz Auto Development. It is a small company that was first created by Dan Panoz, who loved the automotive industry and wanted a new car to be developed.

 Panoz LLC cars are mainly known for their stylish looks. Panoz, LLC focuses on building high-quality racing cars for themselves and selling to others. Panoz, LLC has sold over 5000 race cars all over the world and is growing fast. Panoz, LLC offers a wide variety of choices in their automobiles, and they offer different ways to customize your car like having three types of body panels (Aero 1, Aero 2 & Aero 3), several sets of rims, and even choose from 7 different color options when looking to paint your vehicle. Panoz, LLC also offers high-performance parts such as spoilers which add aerodynamics to the vehicle, thus improving its handling and speed. The headquarters of Panoz, LLC is in Braselton, Georgia, USA. That’s all about Panoz, LLC.



Paul Zimmer founded Zimmer in 1978. Zimmer has its headquarters based out of Syracuse, Maryland, and Cambridge, New York. Zimmer is a neo-classic automobile manufacturing company. Zimmer’s goal is to broaden the world of luxury and class through American-made automobiles that define Zimmer as a company. Zimmer offers different types of cars such as sports vehicles, hearses, limousines, along with other types.

The first model was called “The Zimmer Golden Spirit.” Zimmer models are very popular in Europe, America, and China. Zimmer is continuously growing as Zimmer offers people the opportunity to experience classic American-made luxury at an affordable price compared to other brands such as Rolls Royce or Bentley. Zimmer automobiles have been featured in many films over the years, including “The Wolf of Wall Street” and television shows such as “Boardwalk Empire.”

Zimmer also offers motorcycles that operate on electricity and have been featured in many newspaper articles from New York Times to NBC News. Zimmer’s motorcycle can reach speeds up to 150 miles per hour. Zimmer is a fairly popular company with a growing following of fans who enjoy Zimmer automobiles and motorcycles for their class, luxury, and beauty.

There are various non active car makers in America. They have contributed greatly to bringing up the automotive sector in America. In fact, there were a few companies who started the production of automobiles in America way back when road transportation was nonexistent.


US car manufacturers that are no longer active:

  • Austin car company
  • Apperson
  • Baker Motor Vehicles
  • Biddle Motor car companies


Austin Car Company:

The company was established in New York City in 1905. The name of the company is after its designer, Herbert Austin.

The production began with the ‘3 ½ HP Motor Car’, which was designed by Herbert himself. This car stood for quality within America and helped to establish them as a major player in the automobile business. Their model lineup included Half-Ton Roadster, Four Passenger Touring, Seven Passenger Touring, Convertible Coupe, and Big Six Brougham.

Very soon, the company went bankrupt and was acquired by other companies. A few models of Austin car company are Austin gipsy, A99 Westminster.



The Apperson brothers, Elmer and Edgar, started the company in Kokomo, Indiana, in 1901 with a capital of merely 500$. They manufactured cars under the name of ‘Apperson Brothers Automobile.’

In their initial years, they launched various models like A1, A2, A3, etc., which were launched with several modifications every year. This kept them famous in the automobile market for a few years, after which they started losing their reputation due to a lack of new innovations in car production. They only produced around 8000 cars each year through 1919-1926 when they finally went bankrupt in 1926. Their best-selling model was ‘Runabout.’

Runabout was the only model which was not derived from any other previous designs of Apperson. It had a two-cylinder engine and was fitted with an electric lighting system, coil ignition, and Porcelain-insulated spark plugs. The car also possessed brake drums and 20-inch tires along with spring suspensions and leather-lined interiors.

The company did not survive the natural calamities that occurred in 1913, 1916, and 1918 due to which it went into deep losses and finally shut its doors for good in 1926 after losing all its capital.


Baker Motor Vehicles:

Baker had a reputation for building high-quality cars, and Baker automobiles represented the luxury end of the auto market in America at that time. Baker automobiles were listed as part of a traveling kit along with other necessary items such as cameras and camping equipment. Baker Motor Vehicles focused on building car engines, and Baker was not as successful as other automobile manufacturers with mass-producing complete cars.

Baker’s main product was its “Baker flywheel,” a special high-torque engine good for propelling heavy trucks over muddy or uneven terrain. The Baker Manufacturing Company introduced Baker Electric, an electric vehicle equipped with a motor that is still used in Baker trucks today. The company went bankrupt in 1914.


Biddle Motor Car company:

Biddle was a manufacturer of cars from 1915 to 1922. Biddle’s first car was powered by a four-cylinder, 3120 cc engine with Bosch magneto, and Biddle designed its own coachwork for this model. In 1916 Biddle brought out a light car that had as standard equipment seven electrical accessories, including an electric horn, headlight dimmer, and windshield wipers.

Biddle Motor Car company is the first one in the U.S. to offer dual side-mounted wire wheels, step plates, etc. The company failed to stand on the market and finally closed its doors in 1922.


All these American car manufacturers have played a very important role in not only bringing up the American Automotive industry but creating a massive impact on the whole world. As much as possible, we have included every car brand in our list of US car manufacturers.


The car brands made in America have caught the attention of most of the Car lovers. We have given detailed information about most of the American Car Manufacturers so that you get the most out of it. I hope you enjoyed reading our article. We will be back with more articles soon. Thanks for your time.