Full List of Car Brands That Start With A (2023)

Are you struggling to find Car Brand Names Starting with A?

Don’t worry! We are providing you with clear insights about different car brands that start with the letter a. In the article we have covered Full List of Car Brands That Start with A. This list contains luxurious as well as supercars of popular brands. We have also provided a little description about every car that starts with a. Without further ado, let’s jumpstart into the list.


We have included a total of 44 global car brands that start with letter a. Moreover, this list is compiled by solely focusing on the manufacturing and automotive brands that start with a letter.


List of Car Brand that starts with A:


  1. Audi
  2. Abarth
  3. AC
  4. Alpine
  5. Ariel
  6. Alpina
  7. ABT
  8. Acura
  9. AC Schnitzer
  10. Acura
  11. Allard
  12. Alfa Romeo
  13. Alvis
  14. Austin-Healey
  15. Aston Martin
  16. Ascari
  17. Arden
  18. d.
  19. Auto Union
  20. AAC
  21. Adrenaline
  22. ABD
  23. American Motors
  24. Aeon
  25. Alan Mann
  26. Alba
  27. Apollo
  28. ASC
  29. Amilcar
  30. ARK
  31. Arash
  32. Auburn
  33. ATS
  34. Artega
  35. ASL
  36. ASMA
  37. Avalente
  38. Autech
  39. Austin
  40. Arrinera
  41. Arrival
  42. Aspark
  43. Arcfox
  44. Axon


Car that starts with A

These are some of the cars brands starting with A. With the help of these names, you can do some deep research and find the one brand which best suits your needs. We will be back with some other car brands other than car brand names that start with A . Now, let’s know a bit about all these brands and what makes them special.



Audi AG is a famous German luxurious automotive manufacturer. They have the market worldwide. Audi is one of the most common and popular brands nowadays. They manufacture various types of models like SUVs and Wagons, Sedans & Sportbacks, Coupes & convertibles, Electric & Hybrid, and much more.



Abarth is mostly known for its racing cars. It is a famous Italian brand founded by Italo-Austrian Carlo Abarth in 1949. A few of the top models of Abarth are 595 Turismo, 595 Esseesse, Scorpion, etc.



AC is a British automobile manufacturer and incorporated as Auto Carriers Limited. The Weller Brothers founded it in 1911. Some of the famous car models are AC Greyhound, AC Aceca Bristol, Frua, Petite, Cobra, Mamba Coupe, etc.



Alpine is a French automobile manufacturer mainly famous for its sports and racing cars. There are several famous street models as well as racing models. A106, A108, A110, GTA/A610 are some of the street models which are very popular. Alpine M63, M64, M65, A310(Formula Three), A367(Formula Two) are popular racing models.



Ariel is known for manufacturing lightweight high-performance vehicles- the atom and it is powered by a Honda Civic Type-R gearbox and engine. This UK automotive company was founded in the year of 1991 by Simon Saunders.



Alpina is a Buchole based automobile manufacturing company. Mini and BMW’s high-performance versions are developed by the company and sold. BMW Alpina D3 S, B3, XD3/XD4, XB7, B8 are the popular models of the Alpina series.



ABT Sportsline manufactures racing cars and it mainly caters to Audi, Volkswagen groups. Johann Abt is the founder of ABT and the company headquarters in Kempten. ABT is also an auto-tuning company and some of the notable cars are AS4-R, TT-R, R8-R, R8 GT-R.



Acura manufactures luxury cars under the Japanese automaker, Honda. This brand provides high performance and luxury under one roof. Some current models of ACURA are Acura MDX, RDX, ILX, TLX, NSX, CDX. Some of the discontinued models are CSX, TSX, EL, TL, Vigor, Integra, etc.



It is a London-based car manufacturing company. It generally has a low volume of production. Allard cars have a light British Chassis and body along with American v8 engines.


Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an Italian Premium car manufacturing company. It was founded in the year of 1910 in Milan, Italy. Alfa Romeo has also manufactured racing cars. It won the Formula one championship in 1950.



Alvis was a British car manufacturing and Engineering company situated in Coventry. Alvis produces aircraft engines, racing cars, armored cars, and fighting vehicles. It was founded in 1919 and car manufacturing was stopped in 1967.



It is a British sports car making company founded in 1952. Some of the famous models are Austin-Healey 100, 100-6, 3000, sprite. This company stopped manufacturing in 1972.



Aston-Martin makes some of the most beautiful and luxurious grand tourers and sports cars. This is a British company and well known for the use of its cars in James Bond movies. Famous models of this brand are Aston-Martin DBX, DB11, Vantage.



Ascari is a UK-based car-making company that started manufacturing in 1966. Klass Zwart has founded Ascari. The first car of this company, named Ascari Ecosse, came into the market in 1988. The last car manufactured was the Ascari A10 in the year 2006.



The Arden company was founded in 1976 by Jochen Arden. He has introduced a fully converted vehicle Arden AJ1 which was based on Jaguar XJ V12. The AJ1 version has got an increase in performance due to up-gradation.



The full form of A.D. is Advanced Design. It is a Spanish Automobile manufacturing company. A.D. was famous for its concept car design in 2005 named Tramontana at the Geneva Motor show. Till now the cars are designed with luxury materials and modern technology.


Auto Union

An association of the major four German automobile manufacturers built in 1932 and established in 1936 was known as Auto Union. It is the ancestor of Audi. During that time, the company was extremely successful with race cars.



Enzo Ferrari founded Auto Avio Costruzioni in 1939. It is an Italian company that was prohibited to use Ferrari as their company name. Later on, they adopted the name Ferrari. Primarily they used to manufacture aircraft accessories and machine tools.



It was a British automobile company. Adrenaline started its journey in 2006 and due to bankruptcy, it was closed in 2011. But within this short period, it was famous for its Murtaya, a lightweight sports car. It was made based upon the Subaru Impreza.



ABD is renowned for its high performance and high-quality products which are very much important for the racing industry. It also provides optimization and modifications for various types of cars.


American Motors

Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company merged to form American Motors Corporation in 1954, resulting in the now-defunct American automobile company. AMC produced compact, midsized, and full-size cars at the time to compete with Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. The company struggled to achieve sustained success in the market over the years. In 1979, Renault became the largest shareholder in AMC and was eventually acquired by Chrysler in 1987.



In 2000 Aeon was established as a British automobile manufacturing company. The first model came into existence in 2003 and it was known as the Aeon GT 3 coupe. After that in 2004 GT 3 spyder was launched.


Alan Mann

Alan Mann founded this racing team. Alan Mann’s team has helped Ford works to win various championships between 1964 and 1969. The Alan Mann team was an important part of Ford Works’ racing effort.



Giorgio Stirano founded Alba Engineering in 1983. Alba is an Italian racing manufacturing company. Within the period of 1983-1984, Alba has successfully managed to manufacture cars like AR2 which were regular class champions.



Apollo is a German car manufacturer famous for its sports car manufacturing. This company is headquartered in Denkendorf, Germany. Roland Gumpert founded it in 2004. Some of the powerful and famous sports cars of these companies are Apollo N, Gumpert Apollo, Apollo Arrow, Apollo Intensa Emozione.



American Specialty Cars were the supplier for the automobile industry. It provides body and roof systems for all automakers across the globe. Converting coupe cars into convertibles was another specialty of this company. As of 2017, the company stopped operating.



Amilcar is a French company for manufacturing automobiles founded by Joseph Lamy and Émile Akar. From 1921 Amilcar started its journey. Amilcar Compound and Amilcar CGSS are the famous cars produced by this company during its run.



ARK Performance is a manufacturer of high-performance car parts in the US. With Hyundai, Alpina has developed many successful project cars, including the Alpine Edition Veloster, the AR550 Hyundai Genesis, the Legato Concept, and the Danza.



It is a British company that manufactures sports cars. The firm was founded in 1999 under the name Farboud Limited by Arash Farboud and later renamed in 2006. Farboud GT was the first model developed by the company and introduced at the 2002 Autosport International show in Birmingham. New models, like the Farboud GTS, AF10, and AF8, were introduced shortly after.



This company was founded in 1874. They manufactured a lot of cars within the period of 1900-1937. Auburn is an American automobile company. In 1937 this company during the Great Depression, finally took the decision to cease its operation.



ATS stands for Automobili Turismo eSport. It is an automotive giant founded by Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini in Italy. This brand also took part in formula one between 1964 and 1965. A sports car named ATS 2500 GT, in 1963 Geneva Motor show. They also have a variety of different models.



Artega is a famous German automobile company founded by Klaus Dieter Fres in 2006. The first car that this company designed was the Artega GT, which had a coupe model. Later this company went bankrupt and was acquired by other automotive giants.



ASL or Autobacs SportsCar laboratory is solely responsible for the development of manufacturing arms of autobacs. Garaiya is the first model that is developed by ASL based on Tommykaira ZZ.



ASMA is a popular company in manufacturing automotive. It is located in Essaouira, Morocco. Apart from manufacturing they also provide Equipment rental and leasing things. Overall, this is not a very big company.



Avalente is a racing car manufacturer and it builds superfast cars that can reach 0-60kmph in just 3.7 seconds. Some of the top models are the Avalente Corvette etc.



Autech is a subsidiary of Nissan, founded in 1986. This brand mainly focussed on tuning and converting Nissan cars. These companies are mainly focused on the design and development of cars. A few of the famous models are the Skyline Autech version, Silvia Autech Version.



Austin is one of the oldest British car manufacturing companies founded in 1905 by Herbert Austin. In 1952 this company merged with Morris motors. A few of the topmost models are Austin Allegro, Austin Montego, Austin 7, etc.



Arrinera is a Polish automotive manufacturing brand founded by two brothers Łukasz and Marek Tomkiewicz in 2008 in Warsaw, Poland. They are mainly known for their racing cars. A few of the topmost models are Arrinera Hussarya GT and Arrinera Hussarya 33.



A British-American company, Arrival is a manufacturer of electric vehicles based in London. Arrival was founded in 2015 by Dennis Sverdlov. They are mainly famous for their vans and buses. The vans that they design are secure and packed with the latest technologies.



Aspark is a Japanese car manufacturing company founded by Japanese businessman Masanori Yoshida. They mainly build superfast electric cars. Apart from manufacturing cars they also offer various types of engineering services. The famous model that is designed by this company is Owl.



Arcfox is a Chinese electric automotive manufacturing company operating since 2017. The first model that this company developed was a microcar namely Lite. Arcfox mainly designs supercars and sports cars. A few top models are Arcfox GT, Arcfox ECF.



Axon is a British automotive manufacturer that has been designing cars for 10+ years. Their main concern is the design and the materials used in the cars. They also manufacture a wide range of cars of various types and models. The company was dissolved on 17th November 2020.


If you find our list helpful please let us know and if we have missed any of your favorite brands then do not forget to write it down in the comments. Our list includes all the car models that start with a along with racing car brands, luxurious car brands, brands that have already closed their business but have delivered some great cars in their time. So going through all of these boosts up your knowledge.