Full List of Car Brands That Start With C (2024)

You probably can’t think of a car brands that start with C, can you?

Don’t worry! With this list, you will get a clear understanding of the many car brands starting with the letter C. Our aim is to educate you and enhance your knowledge of vehicles by creating a list of car brands that start with the letter C. The list includes both luxurious and supercars of well-known brands. We have also provided a short description of every car brand that starts with c. Now let’s jump right into the listing.


This list includes all types of motor vehicles. In addition to the currently available brands, we have included those that contributed significantly to automotive history. On this list, we can find numerous car brands that start with C. A total of 15 automobile manufacturers and brands that start with C are provided in this list. Let’s take a look at the cars that start with the letter C.


List of Car Brand Names that start with the letter ‘C’:


  1. Cadillac
  2. Caparo
  3. Callaway
  4. Caterham
  5. Carlsson
  6. Chrysler
  7. Castagna
  8. Chevrolet
  9. Cizeta
  10. Cisitalia
  11. Cord
  12. Citroen
  13. Courage
  14. Continental
  15. Cooper


Car that starts with C

Besides providing an overview of each Car brand starting with C, we have also provided a brief description of the company or brand that starts with C. This will help you learn more about each brand. If you have a passion for the automotive industry, you need to expand your knowledge of different types of cars.



Cadillac is one of the oldest car brands in the world, though there are many others. It was the second company to start automobile manufacturing in the United States. Cadillac has successfully established itself as one of the finest luxury car manufacturers in America. In 1909 General Motors purchased Cadillac. In addition to producing high-quality automobiles, GM also continues to target the luxury market with high-priced vehicles.



Caparo Vehicle technologies company is based in the UK. It focuses mainly on design services and technology development. Caparo has expanded its services in the sectors like automotive, aerospace and motorsports sectors. Two former Ferrari engineers have established this company. Caparo has introduced a sports car Caparo T1 which has gained popularity. For the first time ever, a road car exceeded 1000bhp per tonne. Afterwards, an updated version of this sports car has also come to be known as Caparo T1S.



Callaway has earned a solid reputation as a manufacturer of sophisticated and advanced cars based on the Corvette. Vehicles like the Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette are etched in tuner-car follow. I am amazed at the level of modification, precision, and engineering required to create this product. Callaway C8 Camaro, Corvette B2K Twin Turbo, LM, ZO6R GT3, C12-R etc., could be considered among the most potent street-legal vehicles in the world.



It would have been impossible for Colin Chapman to envision that his lightweight car would last half a century. Not only does it set a new standard of performance and handling, but also it has unveiled many opportunities in motorsports worldwide. The cars designed by Caterham were sold worldwide. Some of the cars like znom-Caterham Seven Superlight, SP/300.R, X330 Concept, Seven Superlight R500 etc., are driver’s choices for track days or off-road adventures.



Since 1989, Carlsson Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH has been providing vehicle tuning services. Rolf Hartg and Andreas Hartg are the founders of the company. Among Carlsson’s specialties is the tuning of Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles. Products from Carlsson are distinguished by racing experience and highly tuned supercars. They’re all insanely fast and an absolute blast to drive. At the end of December 2015 a takeover occurred, since then the company has been operating under the name of Carlsson Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH. Some of the top models are 2008 Carlsson C 63 AMG, 2001 Carlsson CL500, CL 600 CK65, CK60, CLK-RS, CLS etc.




The Chrysler brand is today associated with sedans & minivans. It wasn’t always like that. In 1925 Walter Chrysler founded this company. Chrysler has adopted General Motors’ strategy of brand identification and hierarchy. Chrysler Turbine, Viper GTS-R, Chrysler Town and Country convertible, Barrelback, Imperial eight, Thunderbolt, GS-1, Pacifica, Plainsman were popular models manufactured by this company. Chrysler hasn’t really come up with anything to get us excited recently. Back in the day, Chrysler’s original 350 and the Chrysler Imperial were the talk of the town.



Castagna, or Carrozzeria Castagna, is an Italian company that designs and builds coaches for cars. Coach automobiles were known as the company’s main product when it was established in 1849. Creating luxury sports cars is now the core of the company’s business. Castagna Imperial Landaulet, Castagna Mini Woody Wagon Tailor, Castagna Aznom, Castagna Mini CrossUP are luxury cars manufactured by this company.



Chevrolet is recognized for its safety and quality worldwide. The company produces trucks, cars, and SUVs for all segments and is known for manufacturing vehicles for all markets. Among all sports cars worldwide, Chevy provides some of the best value for your money. A perfect example can be found in the Corvette. Chevrolet has developed models like Chevrolet Corvette, Nomad, Biscayne, EX87, Chevrolet Corvette SR.



In 1988, an Italian automobile manufacturer Cizeta Automobili SRL was established. Giorgio Moroder and Claudio Zampolli founded it. Through its run, the Cizeta-Moroder V16T was the only product developed by the company. An initial bankruptcy filing occurred in 1995 against the company.



In 1946, Piero Dusio founded Cisitalia company as an Italian sports and racing car manufacturer. A number of racing vehicles were developed and manufactured by the company in the 1940s. Cisitalia 202 GT was the most renowned racing car of Cisitalia. Additionally, they took part in Formula One in the year of 1952. Cisitalia 202 SMM Nuvolari Spider, Cisitalia-Abarth 204 A, Alemano Berlinetta are some of the cars which got immense popularity after World War II.



Auburn Automobile Company used ‘Cord’ as their brand name for manufacturing American luxury cars. During 1929-1932 and between 1936-1937, Cord manufactured these luxury cars. Cord cars had been pioneering technology at the time with their streamlined designs and advancement in innovative technology. Cord 810, Cord 812 S/C Sportsman, Cord L-29 were some of the luxury cars manufactured by this company.



Citroen’s creativity and avant-garde aesthetics are known and respected on an international level. With its unique designs and styles, Citroen produces some of the most sought-after model lines of new cars. The revolutionary front-wheel-drive vehicle produced by Citroen was the first mass-produced vehicle of this type. The company was responsible for developing the first-ever hydraulically powered self-levelling suspension system in 1954. This company has been honoured with so many international and national awards.



Courage Competition was a vehicle manufacturing company based in France. It mainly produces racing vehicles and also owns a motorsports team. During its, runtime Courage has worked as a partner with big car manufacturers Ford, Porsche, Nissan. Courage mainly produced racing cars at that time to primarily compete in the 24 hours of Lemans. Now operating under the name of Courage Technology, it emphasizes the development of electric racing cars. Some of the famous names of racing cars are Courage-Oreca LC70, C60. Paulo Crete was the designer for the Courage-Oreca LC70 car.



Lincoln’s Continental brand represents its full-sized and midsize luxury cars. Lincoln is a subsidiary of Ford. For more than 55 years, the Continental series has been produced. Its production ranges from flagship models to base-trim sedans. A number of models have been introduced in this series, and Continental GT Speed is one of them. Performance and driver focus are the hallmarks of the Continental GT Speed edition.



In 1947 Cooper car company was launched by Charles Cooper and John Cooper(son of Charles Cooper). The company is based in the UK. During the 1940s, in a garage in Surrey, the company started to produce their racing cars. When Cooper competed in the Indianapolis 500 and Formula One championship during the late 1950 and 1960s, the company gained popularity. A Coventry Climax FWA engine powered the Cooper Type 39 ‘Bobtail’ on an aluminum body attached to a steel tube chassis. Cooper Type 49 Monaco Mk1, Cooper Type 61 Monaco King Cobra, Cooper Type 49 Monaco Mk1 are famous cars manufactured by this company.


In this list of car brands that start with C, we have attempted to include every car model that starts with the letter C. Please let us know if any models are missing from this list. Thanks for your time!