Full List of Car Brands That Start With D (2024)

We all are excited to know about the car brands that start with D, right?

We have created a list containing car brands starting with letter D as a way to educate you and enhance your knowledge of vehicles. All types of cars have been included in this list. We have included those brands that are not currently present but have created a massive impact in automotive history.


There are numerous global car brands that start with D on this list. The list includes automobile manufacturers and brands that start with D. Now, let’s look at the cars that start with the letter D.


List of Car Brand Names that start with the letter ‘D’:


  1. Dacia
  2. Daewoo
  3. Daihatsu
  4. Daimler
  5. David Brown
  6. De Dion-Bouton
  7. Dauer
  8. De Tomaso
  9. Devel Sixteen
  10. Devin
  11. Delaunay-Belleville
  12. Devon
  13. Delage
  14. Dinan
  15. Dino
  16. Dkw
  17. Dodge
  18. Diatto
  19. Delhaye
  20. Duesenberg
  21. Dual-Ghia
  22. DuPont
  23. Drekar
  24. Doran
  25. Denzel
  26. DP motorsport
  27. Desoto
  28. Donkervoort
  29. Dome
  30. Detroit Electric
  31. Derby
  32. DeLorean


Car that starts with D

In addition to providing you with the names of Car companies and brands that start with D, we have provided a small outline of each car so that you can get to know more about them. In case you are passionate about the automotive industry, it is necessary to become familiar with several types of car models.


In 1966, Dacia was founded in Romania as a car manufacturing company. Since 1999, it has been a subsidiary of Renault (a French automobile brand). There are many types of cars made by them since 1966, ranging from concept cars to sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, MPVs, vans, etc. Ever since they became a part of Groupe Renault, a few cars have been rebadged under the name Renault.



In 1967, Daewoo established itself as a major South Korean car manufacturer. A bankruptcy filing in 1999 caused financial difficulties for the company, due to which this automotive manufacturing company is now defunct. It has developed a number of concept cars since the company was founded and is well-known for its vehicle production. There are currently six companies that own Daewoo.



Japan’s Daihatsu was founded in 1951 as a manufacturer of internal combustion engines. In addition, they make smaller kei models and off-road vehicles. As of 2016, Toyota owns a 100% stake in the company.



A British automobile manufacturer, Daimler was founded in 1896 by HJ Lawson. Daimler was very popular for its luxurious vehicles in 1910. Due to the presence of ultra-luxury, the monarchs of different countries were the primary consumers of this company. British royals were all chauffeured in Daimler limousines from 1902 to 1950.


David Brown

Limited edition cars are manufactured by David Brown Automotive in Silverstone, England. David Brown, a British businessman, founded the company in 2013. Speedback GT, Speedback Silverstone Edition, and Mini Remastered are some of the cars launched by the company.


De Dion-Bouton

Founded in Paris, France, De Dion-Bouton built automobiles and railcars. Three people named Jules-Albert de Dion, Charles Trépardoux, and Georges Bouton founded this company in 1883. In the early twentieth century, the company produced railways, steam cars, four-wheelers tricycles and later became an engine supplier to automakers.




Dauer Sport wagen was a manufacturer of automobiles based in Germany. It was founded by former racing driver Jochen Dauer in Nuremberg, Germany. Starting as a racing team, the company eventually expanded into other business ventures. In addition to participating in the German Super cup, they also participated in the European Inter series championship. After there was a certain downfall of Dauer in manufacturing racing cars in the 1990s, they shifted to manufacturing some road cars. These road cars are of a limited edition. The Dauer 962 Le Mans, one of those limited edition cars, later won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1994.



De Tomaso

A company called De Tomaso manufactures cars in Italy. The company was incorporated in 1959 and since then has produced a variety of vehicles ranging from sports cars and luxury cars to prototypes and racing cars. They have also designed a few popular models like De Tomaso 505/38. They have also entered the racing section and have developed a Formula One car for the 1970 Formula One season by Frank Williams Racing Cars.


Devel Sixteen

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Devel Motors manufactures hyper cars. At the 2013 Dubai Motor Show, the company displayed Devel Sixteen, a conceptual hypercar. Dubai Motor Show 2017 is the culmination of the development of a production version of the hypercar with 5,007 horsepower and 320 mph top speed.



Established in 1955, Devin Enterprises produces American automobiles. In addition to cars, the company produces automotive accessories as well. They produce fiberglass car bodies that are sold as kits, and they are perhaps best known for this. Having only run from 1955 to 1964, Devin Enterprises’ run lasted for a short time.



Delaunay-Belleville manufactures luxury vehicles. This automobile manufacturer is based in France. Its headquarters is in Saint-Denis. In the early 20th century, Delaunay-Belleville was the most prestigious and renowned manufacturer across the globe. Their most notable contribution was the design of desirable cars.




Founded in 2008 by Scott Devon, Devon Motor works is an American design company. This company develops lifestyle products that are of the highest quality. Devon GTX, a car based on the second-generation Dodge Viper, is one of the company’s more recognized products. It was introduced in 2009. It was designed by a Swedish designer named Daniel Paulin and Scott Devon.



The Delage Automobile company was founded by Louis Delage in 1905 and created luxury automobiles and race cars. In the 1920s, the company was successful on the racing track. The team won the 1925 Grand Prix of ACF Montlhéry and the 1924 European Grand Prix at Lyon with Delage 2 LCV. The company shifted its focus to luxury automobiles during the 1930s, including the Delage D6, D4, and D8.



Among the manufacturers of aftermarket BMW parts is Dinan Cars. Steve Dinan founded this company in 1979, with its headquarters in Alabama. Dinan is nowadays popular for manufacturing various parts of BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Mini. They are known for their impressive performance, superior engineering, and unmatched warranties.



Between 1967 and 1976, Dinos were known for their mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports cars. A relatively low-cost sports car marque was created by the company at that time in an effort to satisfy its customers. Dino was the name reserved for Ferrari’s V12 and flat-12 premium models until 1976 when it was eliminated in favor of a full Ferrari identity.



The DKW brand produces motorcycles and cars in Germany. In the 1920s, the company was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and has produced a long list of automobiles under its name. DKW stands for Dampf kraft Wagen.This company was founded in 1916 by Dr. Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen.




Fiat Chrysler Group LLC (formerly known as FCA US LLC) produces Dodge cars in the United States. While it was a mid-priced brand above Plymouth for the majority of its existence, the brand is now a manufacturer of high-performance cars.



In the period between 1835 and 1929, the Italian company Diatto manufactured automobiles. Besides building quality cars using their own designs, the company also makes race cars with eight-cylinder supercharged engines. Additionally, Bugatti used their frame suppliers for their own race cars. Zagato Design built the 2007 Diatto Ottovu By Zagato to celebrate the Diatto brand’s 100th anniversary.



A number of automotive manufacturers were founded by Émile Delahaye in 1894, including Delahaye Automobile. Delahaye’s new Type One was immediately successful as it was belt-driven and offered either a single or twin-cylinder engine in the rear. The company started producing race cars and luxury vehicles in the following years, including the Delahaye 135 Special, the Delage CO, and the Delahaye Cabriolet.




Racecar manufacturer Duesenberg Motors Company was based in the US. It also manufactures high-performance luxury automobiles. In 1929, Duesenberg began producing their Model J, which remained in production until 1937. Among the most popular luxury autos, they gained popularity very quickly. In the 1930s, it was viewed as a symbol of status.




Dual-Ghia was a marque of automobiles. Dual-Ghia marque was used in the United States for the cars produced between 1956 to 1958. Duel Motors worked in collaboration with Ghia on building these cars. Bodywork and the interior of the coach were constructed by Ghia, an Italian coachbuilder. Dual-Ghia 134, 185, Convertible 162, convertible 195, etc., are some of the famous models of this company.



DuPont was mainly an American automobile manufacturer. It manufactures high-end cars. DuPont started its journey in the year of 1919. The quality and style of the cars produced by the company stood out. A total of around 537 high-end vehicles were produced by the DuPont company between 1919 and 1931. Most of the cars do not exist anymore. DuPont closed its service in 1931.




Kurt Osteen and Jan Oosten founded Drekar. Tuning and design are the focuses of Drekar ASV (American Specialty Vehicles). The Drekar ASV specializes in prototype development. Drekar Firebird Trans Am Z15 is one such prototype that was very popular at that time.



Doran also manufactures complete racing cars and top-notch parts. Restoration of vintage cars is also one of their specialties. In addition, the company owns a racing team. A primary focus of the team is racing in class one of the Daytona Prototype Championship.



Wolfgang Denzel founded Denzel in 1948 as an Austrian car manufacturing company. During the time of its operation, Porsche was a direct competitor of that company in Austria. Most notably, the Denzel 1300 is one of the company’s most famous specialist cars.


DP Motorsport

The design and tuning house DP Motorsport is based in Germany. DP specializes in building Porsches with a unique design. Ekkehard Zimmermann founded the company in 1973. They have been modifying Porsche cars since the company started. There are cars such as the 935 DP III, DP 962, 911 Sleeper 3.2, Speedy Irishman, etc.




The DeSoto Division of Chrysler manufactures and markets automobiles under the DeSoto brand name. More than two million vehicles were manufactured under this brand name from 1928 to 1961. Desoto was founded in 1928 by Chrysler. This brand has definitely created a huge impact in the history of automotive.



Donkervoort Automobielen BV produces high-end handcrafted sporting automobiles. Cars manufactured by them are also very lightweight. The company is based in Lelystad, Netherlands. Joop Donkervoort founded the company in 1978. Their ultra-light sports cars have Audi engines and are known for their lightweight design. Some popular models are Donkervoort D8 GT, Donkervoort D8 370, Donkervoort D8 RS06 etc, Donkervoort D8 150.



Located in Japan, Dome is a racing car manufacturer. Mostly, Dome company took part in open-wheel and sports car races. In addition to racing cars, the company has created prototypes also. Additionally, it has developed Dome F105, a top-notch Formula 1 racing car. Some other renowned cars are Dome S103, Dome S102, Dome S101, Dome P2, Dome NSX.


Detroit Electric

In the Netherlands, Detroit Electric manufactures cars under the brand Detroit Electric. This company owns the Anderson Electric Car Company. It is one of the world’s first automakers to produce electric cars. A total of 13,000 electric cars were built by the company between 1907 and 1939. Detroit Electric Holding Ltd. is reviving the brand today to build electric cars.



Etablissements Bertrand Montet was founded in 1912. It was a general engineering company. A surplus of Harley Davidson motorcycles accumulated after the First World War was dealt with by this company. There was an abundant supply of this surplus product. After that, they got engaged in the cyclecar market using the V-twin engines of Harley Davidson. Due to its association with sports, the name “Derby” was chosen. At the Paris Salon d’Auto a four-cylinder version was introduced along with the V-twin engine in the year of 1921.



DeLorean is an American motor company that was founded in 1975 by John Delorean. It is an automobile manufacturing company. The company was remarkable for their sports car named as DeLorean sports car. The outer body and gull-wing doors are made up of stainless steel. An eventful and turbulent history led to the bankruptcy of the company in 1982.


We have tried our utmost to include every car model that starts with the letter D in this list of car brandings that start with D. Feel free to comment below if you find any model that is missing from the list. Your time is greatly appreciated!