Full List of Car Brands That Start With G (2024)

Would you like to know more about Car brands that start with G?

We have compiled a list including all the running as well as discontinued car brands that start with the letter G. Our list contains several global car brands that start with the letter G. These car brands are very popular across the globe, but we may not be well aware of it.


To enhance your knowledge, we have included a total of 23 car brandings that start with G. We have tried our best research so that we can provide you with main information about any car brand name that starts with G.  Please go through the list and let us know your views about them.


List of Car Brand Names that start with the letter ‘G’:


  1. G-Power
  2. Gaaco
  3. Geely
  4. Genaddi
  5. Galpin
  6. Gemballa
  7. Geiger
  8. General Motors
  9. GTA
  10. Genesis
  11. Ghia
  12. Gigliato
  13. Gilet
  14. Ginetta
  15. Giugiaro
  16. Greenwood
  17. GMC
  18. Glasspar
  19. Gordini
  20. Graber cars
  21. Gumpert
  22. Greedy
  23. GRMN


Car that starts with G

Here ends our list of Car brand names that start with the letter G. We hope that you have gathered enough information about the car brands. Now, as you have the primary knowledge of these cars, you can go for further research before investing a big amount in buying a luxurious car or sports car or whatever type you like. All these automobile manufacturing companies and brands that start with G have created a significant impact in automotive history.



G-Power is based in Autenzil, Bavaria. It is mainly a German-based vehicle tuning company. Jochen Grommisch founded this company in 1983. In addition to its fame for world speed records, G-POWER is best known for its spectacular supercars, huge power boosts, and phenomenal power gains. G-Power’s specialty lies in tuning BMW vehicles. They also manufacture boutique vehicles with passion. The protection of the environment and the conservation of resources are also top priorities at G-POWER. G-Power cars include G-Power M6 Hurricane RR, M6 Hurricane CS, Cabriolet, GS, Tornado RS, M3 SK II CS Sporty Drive, and G6.



In 1982, the Gaaco company teamed up with Bob Akin Motor Racing. This was the most notable event in Gaaco’s history. Gaaco was established by Chuck Gaa, which is a coachbuilding company. When they collaborated with Bob Akin, they started building GAACO 935L. It was based on the Porsche 935. Gaaco 935L competed in many world championships also.



Geely operates as a private company that manufactures automobiles. Complete automobiles are sold by this company, as well as engines and transmissions. Under the name of the Geely Auto brand, the company began selling cars in 1996. Geely Auto was founded in 1986. The company currently sells passenger vehicles, personal vehicles, and commercial vehicles also. They sell their products under the brand names like Geely Auto, PROTON, Lotus, Lynk& Co, Volvo.



Genaddi Design Group was founded in Wisconsin, USA, and specializes in automotive design and development. This company is an expert in customizing the most desired road-going cars worldwide. For example, the Ford GTX1, Corvette Z96, Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, and Lamborghini Countach are just a few.



Auto Sports is an American automobile manufacturer. Their business is to customize and remodel automobiles for customers and drivers. In addition to these services, they sell specialty parts and high-performance parts along with different accessories. In 2013, Galpin introduced and developed a car model called the GTR1. The car is inspired by the Ford GT. Their manufactured models include cars like Galpin Auto Sports Focus ST, Galpin Mustang Super Snake Wide-Body, Galpin Mustang GT, Boss 302.



Gemballa is an aftermarket auto parts manufacturer for Porsche vehicles. It is mainly a German-based tuning company. Uwe Gemballa started this company in 1981. Currently, the company is concentrated on producing sports cars. The sports cars draw inspiration from Porsche and McLaren cars. Gemballa Mirage GT, which was also based upon Porsche Carrera GT, and the Gemballa MIG-U1 are the main inspirations of this company.



Munich-based Geiger Cars manufactures a German company, sells specialized vehicles. It converts automobiles into specialized cars or tracks cars. Karl Grieger founded it. Numerous sports cars of different brands have been converted to track cars. The Geiger company has transformed cars of famous brands such Corvette, Camaro, Alfa Romeo, and Lamborghini’s cars. Geiger Mustang GT 520, Geiger HP 790, Geiger Corvette Z06, Geiger Corvette Z06 biTurbo, SC 524 Kompressor are notable models of this company.


General Motors

Detroit, Michigan, is home to General Motors, a multinational auto manufacturer. Established in 1908, General Motors has a rich history. William C. Durant founded General Motors. In addition, General Motors is the largest automobile manufacturer in the country and among the top-most in the whole world. Vehicles under a variety of brand names are designed, manufactured, distributed, and marketed by this company. Those brand names include Buick, Cadillac, Buick, and Chevrolet.



A Spanish company Spania GTA or the only GTA based in Valencia primarily engages in the construction and manufacture of automobiles. In 2005, Domingo Ochoa founded the company. GTA Spano has been the company’s most notable product, having been developed, designed, and made by the company. It is a limited-production sports car. The 850 bhp V10 engine provides 100 kph acceleration in just 2.9 seconds, according to GTA.



The Genesis Motor unit of the Hyundai Motor Group is a South Korean company for manufacturing vehicles. Genuinely, it specializes in the development and manufacture of luxury cars under the Genesis brand. Genesis G70, Genesis G90, Genesis G80 are the famous brands of this company.



Ghia is an Italian motor vehicle design as well as coach manufacturer based in Turin. Company founders Giacinto Ghia and Gariglio founded it in 1916. In terms of design and manufacturing, Ghia is most known for its 450. This car is a limited-production model that was handcrafted, and they have sold only 52 models of it. Now, Ghia’s role involves developing Ford Motor Company’s concept cars. Ghia Streamline X Coupé, Ghia G230S Prototipo, Ghia 450 SS Convertible are some of the popular models of Ghia. The Ghia 450 SS Convertible was manufactured and designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. At the 1966 Turin International Auto Show, the 450 SS was shown for the first time. 



Gigiato Design Co. was founded by Nobuo Nakamura and specialized in automobile designing and production. Gigliato Aerosa, the company’s most popular design from 1997. Built on the Mustang V8 platform, it has a visually stunning appearance. Gigiato Design Co. partnered with Lamborghini to design this car model primarily for design as well as production component manufacture.



Tony Gillet is the founder and owner of Gillet, a Belgian automobile manufacturer founded in the year of 1992. Vertigo sports coupé is the company’s most notable product. Handcrafted and ultralight, it is a sports car unlike any other.



Racing and sports cars are the specialties of a British company Ginetta Cars, located in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The four brothers Ivor, Bob, Trevers Douglas, and Walklett founded the company in 1958. It produces sports cars that are innovative, powerful, and reasonably priced. Ginetta G50, Ginetta G40, Ginetta G60, Ginetta G55 are some of the high-performance sports cars. Their 2019 Geneva International Motor Show debut car was the Ginetta Akula. The model looks extremely impressive. The car’s top speed is 200 mph, and it comes with a dry-sumped 6.0-liter V8 engine. The car is a flagship road car of Ginetta company, and it is also capable of being used on the race track to beat your opponents.



The automotive design and engineering company Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A. is based in Italy. It is commonly known as Giugiaro, which started its journey with Aldo Mantovani in the year of 1968. Most people know them for their design work. Additionally, this company works for various car manufacturers worldwide doing prototyping, engineering, styling, production management, packing, as well as testing.



Founded by Burt and John Greenwood in America, Greenwood Corvettes specializes in tuning and racing automobiles. The company is best known for its Corvette racing and sports car tuning. Greenwood G5R Corvette, Greenwood G4R Corvette, Stingray ZL, Greenwood Corvette GTO are the famous automobile models of Greenwood company.



General Motors General Motors Commercial Vehicles division focuses on developing trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. The company’s main products include commercial trucks, vans, commercial trucks, buses, military trucks, and SUVs.



In 1947, Bill Tritt established Glasspar, a boat manufacturing company. Glasspar started out building boats, but in 1949 they released their own sports car, the Glasspar G2. Glasspar G2 is one of the first commercially available sports cars whose body is made purely from glass fiber. A prototype called Brooks Boxer was used for 1951 Los Angeles Motorama to create this basic body shape. In order to achieve a coordinated front-to-rear weight distribution, the engine was placed far back in the chassis. The neutral handling of the car made it ideal for racing also.



Amédée Gordini founded Gordini company in 1946 as a sports car developer and for tuning performances. Tuning cars has been the company’s specialty back in the time, but they were most well-known for racing in automobiles championships from 1930. Using their own cars, Gordini started competing in Formula One races starting from 1950 to 1956. Renault Sport Technologies has been Gordini’s parent company since 1968. Gordini Type 32, Gordini Type 24S, 1952 Gordini Type 20S, Gordini Type 16 are famous cars of this company.


Graber Cars

Graber was the name of a Swiss coachbuilding manufacturing company founded by Hermann Graber in Wichtrach, Switzerland. It was one of the largest manufacturers of coaches from 1927 to 1970. From Europe to the United States, they had a large number of car manufacturing companies as their customers.



In 2004, Roland Gumpert founded a German automobile manufacturer called Gumpert. This company is renowned for its Gumpert Apollo automobile. In creating a new generation of sports cars, Roland Gumpert proposed the design of the Gumpert Apollo model. His dream was to build a car capable of being used both on the track and in the streets. In 2016, after Gumpert ownership changed hands, the company was transformed into Apollo Automobil GmbH. Gumpert Apollo R , Gumpert Apollo Nürburgring, Gumpert Tornante, Gumpert Apollo S are some of the popular car models developed by Gumpert.




Trust Company Ltd. owns and operates GReddy automobile manufacturing company. It specializes in developing and manufacturing tuning parts. Greedy is also known for developing high-performance turbochargers, which are used in Japanese and American automotive. Greddy’s company has gained popularity over the years. One of the best-performance givers with turbocharging facility cars is the GReddy Civic SiR. In addition to the stainless steel exhaust manifold, the engine is controlled by the E-Manage engine management system.



Toyota Motorsport GmbH owns the factory team Gazoo Racing Master of Nürburgring, or GRMN for short. GRMN competed in a number of world championships with high-end racing cars. Some of the examples are the World Endurance Championship, World Rally Championship, 24 Hours of Le Mans. Their manufactured models include GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II, GRMN Sports FR Concept Platinum, etc. Other models like the Toyota GR Supra and Toyota GR Yaris, both of which are high-performance sports cars.


Now that we’re done, and now it’s your time to give us feedback about our article about all the brands that we have included here. The list of car brand names starting with G consist of 23 brand names. Still, if by mistake we have forgotten any, then write it in the comment section. We would love to add it to our list of car brandings that starts with G.