Full List of Car Brands That Start With I (2023)

Are there any car brands that start with I?

No worries! With the following list of automobile brands starting with the letter I, you will gain a better understanding of the various automobile brands available to you. We have prepared this list to educate you and increase your knowledge about cars by providing you with a list of car brands that start with the letter I.


On this list, we have included all kinds of motor vehicles. Besides the ones currently on the market, the list also includes brands that have made a significant contribution to automotive history. Several automobile brands that start with the letter I can be found on this list. The following list contains the names of seventeen automobile brands and manufacturers that start with I. We’re going to look at the global car brands that start with the letter I.


List of Car Brand Names that start with the letter ‘I’:


  1. I.D.E.A
  2. Iceni
  3. Icona
  4. IED
  5. Imola Racing
  6. Imperial
  7. Impul
  8. IMSA
  9. Infiniti
  10. Innotech
  11. Intermeccanica
  12. Invicta
  13. Isdera
  14. ISO
  15. Italdesign


Car that starts with I

The list includes both luxury and supercars from well-known manufacturers. For better clarity about each Car brand that starts with I, a description is also added. Having said that, let’s get to the list of car models starting with I.

You can learn more about the brand from the description, along with the Car company name and brand, starting with I. For car enthusiasts, it is essential to educate themselves on various brands.



Located in Turin, Italy, the Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering or IDEA is a company that designs and engineers automobiles. There have been some notable cars designed by the company, including the 1988 Fiat Tipo, 2010 IDEA Hybrid and the 1992 Alfa Romeo 155.



The British iconic sports car manufacturer Trident owns the Iceni automotive marque. During the 2012 Salon Prive, the Iceni Grand Tourer was unveiled as the marque’s first sports car.



A company based in Turin, Italy, called Icona Design Group, offers automotive design and engineering services. Based in 1986, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing complete vehicles, white bodies, interior trims, dashboard modules, exterior trims, lighting clusters, and lightweight components. Besides the prototype for the V12 supercar, they also presented a new V12 prototype called Icona Vulcano at Auto Shanghai 2013.



The IED Turin, or European Institute of Design in Turin, is an international fashion school based in Italy. To design a modern-day sports car based on the iconic Cisitalia 202, students from IED Turin were commissioned. During the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, they introduced the IED Cisitalia 202 E.


Imola Racing

The German company Imola Racing designs and tunes automobiles. Their most famous modification was the Imola Racing F612 Wide Body, which was based on the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. They specialize in making Ferrari modifications.



From 1955 to 1975 and 1981 to 1983, Chrysler Corporation manufactured and marketed Imperial luxury automobiles. In addition to Imperial Newports, Imperial Crown Convertible Coupes and Imperial limousines are some of the cars sold under the brand name.



Japan’s Hoshino Impul Co., or Impul, is the world’s largest automotive manufacturer. Bodykits, engine components, and wheels are some of the aftermarket parts produced by the company exclusively for Nissan cars.



An IMSA company is a German tuning company located in Brügen, Germany. Modifications of Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini cars are the company’s speciality. The IMSA Gallardo GTV was based on a Lamborghini Gallardo, and they received recognition for that.



Nissan’s luxury vehicle division, Infiniti, is a Japanese automaker. North American Nissan vehicles were first offered under the Infiniti brand in 1989. With more than 50 countries now selling Infiniti vehicles, the company has expanded globally. The company offers concept cars as well as high-performance vehicles.



Innotech is an automotive engineering and design company from the Czech Republic. The company specializes in modifying Corvettes, including the Innotech Corvette. Additionally, the company designed and built a car on its own called the Innotech Mysterro, powered by a Corvette 5.7 litre V8 engine.



Founded in 1959 by Frank Reisner, Intermeccanica is an Italian automotive manufacturer. Tuning kits were originally manufactured by the firm, but later they turned into a full-time automobile manufacturer. Indra and the Intermeccanica Spyder were the most notable automobiles made by the company.



The British automotive manufacturer Invicta is based in Surrey, England. Throughout the years of 1926 to 1950, Invicta operated inconsistently. A second attempt to revive the brand was the Invicta S1 sports car, which was produced from 2004-2012.



Isdera designs and manufactures speciality autos in Germany, founded in 1982 by Eberhard Schulz. Specialized in handcrafted high-performance, Isdera also manufactures sports vehicles, including the Isdera Imperator 108i, Isdera Spyder, and Isdera Commendatore 112i.



During the 1950s and the 1970s, ISO manufactured automobiles as well as motorcycles. In the 1960s and 1970s, the company was known for its high-quality sports vehicles such as the Grifo A3 L, Iso Nembo II, Iso Rivolta. However, the company was best known for its Isetta bubble car developed in the 1950s.


Isotta Fraschini

Founded in 1900, Isotta Fraschini produced luxury cars for the Italian market. As well as engines for the aviation industries and shipbuilding companies, Isotta Fraschini also produced trucks and trolleybuses. Isotta Fraschini T8 was developed in 1996 as a result of efforts to revamp the company in the 1990s.



Japanese manufacturer Isuzu Motors has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It mainly manufactures commercial vehicles. In addition to commercial vehicles, the company produces and markets diesel engines around the world.



Italian design company Italdesign Giugiaro is known for its automobile designs. Moncalieri, Italy, is where Italdesign Giugiaro is headquartered. Founded in 1968 by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani, Giugiaro & Mantovani provides product design, project management, packaging, styling, modelling, engineering, testing and prototyping, services to a variety of car manufacturers worldwide.


In this list of car brands beginning with I, every model that starts with the letter I has been included. Please let us know about any models not listed here. 🙂 Thanks!