Full List of Car Brands That Start With J (2023)

Are you interested in learning about car brands that start with J?

We have listed most of the global car brands that start with the letter J. Some of the car brands that start with the letter J have discontinued their production, but some are still running. We may not be well aware of it, but these car brands are top-rated worldwide.


Our research is up to date, and it includes small details of every car brand. If you are interested in learning about cars but somehow are not getting the right resource, then you are on the correct page. Have a look at the list of car brand names that start with J.


List of Car Brand Names that start with the letter ‘J’:


  1. JAC
  2. Jaguar
  3. JBA Motors
  4. Jeep
  5. Jensen
  6. Javan
  7. Jetstream
  8. Jimenez
  9. Jiotto
  10. Joest


Car that starts with J

We have included 10 of the car brand names that start with the letter J. Our aim is to make people knowledgeable about these car brands. People with an interest in cars and their specifications are also welcome to read our article, and it will be very helpful for them. All these automobile manufacturing companies and brands that start with J made significant contributions to the automotive industry.



Jianghuai Automobile Co. produces automobiles and vehicles in China. The primary base of the company is in the Anhui Province of China. JAC is a global manufacturer of trucks, electric automobiles, buses, commercial cars and other motor vehicle components. JAC manufactured about 445,000 vehicles in 2012. A JAC Rein, JAC Binyue (J7), Heyue A13, Refine S4, Heyue sedan, Refine M6, M4, M3, R3 etc., are some of the famous models of this company.



Jaguar was founded in 1922 and produced luxury sports cars, as well as luxury SUVs and sedans. In the beginning, Jaguar was a maker of motorcycle sidecars before creating passenger car bodies. Currently. The company is owned by Tata Motors‘ Jaguar Land Rover division. In addition to being a performance and luxury brand, Jaguar has a particularly diverse set of competitors. Infiniti, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz all feature in this list. 1961 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Roadster, S.S. Jaguar 100, XK120C C-Type, XJ220 etc., are all popular Jaguar models.


JBA Motors

JBA Motors company was located in Norfolk, England. The company’s main business was in manufacturing British pre-World War II motor vehicles. The first car of JBA Motors was built in 1982 and named JBA Falcon Roadster. It includes cars like JBA Sports SRi, JBA Falcon, JBA Falcon TSR. Presented in a traditional pre-World War II British style, the SRI is a two-seater sports car. It uses parts from Ford Sierra models. A four-seater version of the SRI is available as the Falcon.



Jeep offers the best off-road experience. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Jeep division is owned by FCA US LLC. FCA is an Italian-American organization with worldwide operations. FCA’s Jeep brand is exclusively devoted to sport utility vehicles. It includes crossovers as well as all-terrain vehicles, along with pickup trucks. There was a time when Jeep offered a range of pickups, small vans, and roadster models.



Jensen Motors Limited produced sports vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles in the United Kingdom. The headquarters is located in West Bromwich in England. A commercial body and sports car body manufacturing company, W J Smith & Sons Limited, was renamed by the two brothers Alan and Richard Jensen in the year of 1934. The company ceased to operate in 1976. The new Jensen Interceptor is manufactured on an exclusive aluminium chassis and custom-made aluminium body. The company manufactured only 512 Interceptor Mark III convertibles during the period 1974 to 1976.



Established in 2003, Javan Sports Cars is a U.K. based car manufacturing company. Javan R1 is the company’s flagship model. It has a 220 bhp racetrack-oriented engine. It is the ultimate driving instrument, thrilling and satisfying on both street and track, with exceptional build quality. This car is fitted with a computer-designed suspension system inspired by race cars.



Founded in Cornwall, England, Jetstream produces sports cars. Their 2008 Jetstream SC250, for example, is one of their most popular models. The vehicle is road-legal and geared towards track use. Besides its striking look and impressive performance capabilities, it also features utterly unique styling. You can run it with unleaded fuel or bioethanol fuel. To ensure a high-quality driving experience, the entire vehicle package has been tailored and engineered to deliver maximum high performance. The design was done by Brian Rossi, who was also a former designer of Ford company. 



Jimenez was basically a sports automobile manufacturer. The company started its journey with Ramon Jimenez. One of the company’s most notable products was the Jimenez Novia Concept introduced in 1995. The supercar was a one-off creation of Ramon Jimenez, entirely designed and produced by himself. The interior had an aerodynamic, modern appearance. Even with its somewhat over-the-top headlamps, these models resemble Ferraris in many ways.



Jiotto Design house functioned from 1988 to 1998 as a car design house. The Jiotto Caspita became the most famous product of the company. This mid-engined sports car was launched in 1989. Kunihisa Ito was responsible for the original design of the vehicle. Built by Weismann, the engine was positioned longitudinally, and power was provided through a six-speed gearbox. The car premiered in 1989 during the Tokyo Motor Show.



Reinhold Joest established Joest Racing in 1978 as a motor racing team. Since then, the team has taken part in various motor racing competitions, most notably the Le Mans series. In addition, the firm has also created some impressive cars for racing. For example, in 1981, Joest 935/78, which is also known as ‘Moby Dick’, took part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


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