Full List of Car Brands That Start With K (2023)

Would you like to learn about car brands that start with K?

The majority of global car brands that start with the letter K are listed here. There are some car brands that start with the letter K but are no longer in production, but there are many that are in the market. There are car brands that are highly rated around the world that we are not aware of.


The following is a list of all the car manufacturers and companies that start with the K letter. The following list includes almost all car manufacturers or brands that have had a major impact on the automotive industry. We will now look at a list of car branding that starts with K.


List of Car Brand Names that start with the letter ‘K’:


  1. Kaiser-Darrin
  2. Karma
  3. Keating Sports Cars
  4. Kellison
  5. Kepler
  6. KIA
  7. Kicherer
  8. Kleemann
  9. Karmann
  10. Katech
  11. Koenigsegg
  12. Koenig-Specials
  13. Kremer
  14. KTM
  15. Kurtis


Car that starts with K

In addition to listing the names of the companies and brands that begin with K, we have also described each car so that you can learn more about it. For those fascinated by the auto industry, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with a variety of car models.



The American automobile manufacturer Kaiser Motors was headquartered in Michigan. Founded in 1945, Willys-Overland merged with the company in 1953 when it became Willys Motors Incorporated. Most famously, Kaiser Motors manufactured the first American fiberglass sports car, the Kaiser Darrin.



Karma manufactures luxury electric automobiles in the United States. There have been several electric cars produced by the company, such as the Karma Revero (an electric hybrid luxury sedan based on the Fisker Karma) and the Pininfarina GT (an electric hybrid luxury coupe with Pininfarina bodywork).


Keating Sports Cars

Founded by Anthony Keating in 2006, Keating Supercars builds British kit cars. The company has produced five models since its debut in 2006: Keating Bolt, the Keating SKR, Keating ZKR, Keating TKR, and Keating Berus.



Kellison produced fiberglass body parts for sports cars. The company is best known for its work on the Kellison Corvette Coupe, and a model made lighter and faster by making use of composite materials like fibers instead of steel.



A specialist in high-end specialty cars, Kepler Motors, is an independent American automaker that builds advanced cars. Kepler MOTION was developed by Russ Wicks. At the 2009 Dubai International Motor Show, they unveiled their first supercar model with 800 horsepower.



In South Korea, KIA Motors manufactures vehicles such as automobiles, luxury cars, and commercial vehicles. In addition, it designs and manufactures hybrid electric vehicles. KIA GT, Kia Track’ster, Kia Sport Concept Car, Soul Concept, Kia Ray CHICAGO, Kia Provo, Kia pro_cee’d, Kue Concept, KOUP NEW YORK, KND-4 Concept, KCV-III, Kia GT4 Stinger are among the top models of KIA company.



In addition to customizing and modifying Mercedes-Benz cars, Kocherer is also a German aftermarket tuning company. As one of Germany’s top aftermarket specialists, they are known for their repairs on Audi and Mercedes-Benz cars, including the Kicherer Audi RS-Street and the Kicherer Mercedes-Benz E 500.



Kleemann, a Chinese aftermarket tuning company with headquarters in Xinjiang, offers a variety of tuning services. Tuning for Mercedes-Benz sports cars, sedans, and SUVs is the Company’s specialty. As well as superchargers for Audi, BMW, and Porsche, they also produce performance superchargers.



Up until 2010, Wilhelm Karmann GmbH, sometimes referred to as simply Karmann held the title of largest self-owned automobile producer company in Germany. Wilhelm Karmann founded the organization in 1901. Karmann Transformer Concept was the most notable car manufactured by Karmann. With this new canopy system, soft top portions are connected to fixed rear glass domes. Using this setup, the folding roof can be folded more compactly, which results in more trunk space.



The Katech Company is a vehicle and engine builder based in Michigan, US. A company specializing in designing and manufacturing high-performance engines, accessories, and automotive products. A new model, Corvette C6 Z06 from Katech Performance, features increased power, improved induction, cooling, and exhaust. 600+ horsepower is promised with the C6 Z06 vehicle package. For those who appreciate fine finishes and want a truly unique Corvette, it was the best choice.



It was founded by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994 and is based in Sweden. Koenigsegg, headquartered in Angelholm, is a leading manufacturer of sports cars. The Company specializes in engineering and developing supercars. These supercars are the fastest production vehicle that regularly takes part in the racing championships. A Koenigsegg CCX model was introduced in 2006, which used an engine developed onsite exclusively for the car. A majority of the machines, subsystems, and components needed for the vehicles are developed in-house by Koenigsegg rather than contracted out.



Founded in 1949, König Specials specializes in creating modified luxury cars from European brands. During the 1980s and 1990s, they altered Ferraris, earning the Company a reputation as one of the industry’s leading aftermarket specialists. Koenig-Specials XJ-S, Koenig-Specials KS8, F50, F48, Countach Turbo, Diablo VT, etc., are notable models of this Company. Walter Koenig certainly had lots of experience transforming Ferrari’s Boxer into a street-legal race car.



Kremer Racing is a famous car racing team located in Cologne, Germany. This team utilizes Porsche vehicles to compete in various racing events all over the world. Also known for its Porsche tuned cars, the team competes in races themselves or sells them to various racing teams. Kremer K8 Spyder, Kremer K4, Kremer K3, Kremer K2 are some of the models of Kremer.  



Based in Austria, KTM AG has manufactured motorcycles and sports cars since 1992. Since the 1990s, they have gained a reputation for their off-road motorcycles. In addition to developing and manufacturing sports cars, they have also introduced the KTM X-Bow R, X-Bow RR, and X-Bow GT.



Kurtis Kraft was a famous American designer and a popular race car builder. Apart from developing normal cars they have also produced sports cars, midget cars, sprint cars, quarter midgets. The Kurtis company started its journey in the 1930s with Mr. Frank Kurtis. The Kurtis Sport Car is the company’s most famous car. It is a two-seater sports car having an aluminum body. Kurtis offered the 500SX as one of its last models. In addition, the chassis features quick-change rear ends, Halibrand magnesium wheels, disc brakes.


Suppose there is any model missing from this list, comment below, although we have tried to include all car models that begin with the letter K in this list. Thanks for your time!