Full List of Car Brands That Start With Q (2024)

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List of Car Brand Names that start with the letter ‘Q’:

  1. Quant
  2. Qvale
  3. Qvick

Car that starts with Q

We have not only listed the names of the car companies and Car brands that start with Q but also provided a brief description of each car so that you can learn more about them. A car enthusiast needs to be aware of various types of models of cars.



Quant is a brand of automobiles developed by nanoFlowcell, a Swiss company specializing in the development of flow cell batteries. Under its Quant project, nanoFlowcell has developed three prototypes, 2015 Quant F, recently launched Quantino and the 2014 Quant E-Sport limousine, all of which are electric automobiles.



Bruce Qvale founded Qvale in 2000 as an independently owned Italian car manufacturer. As a partner with Alejandro de Tomaso, an Italian automobile manufacturing company, they developed the Qvale Mangusta or De Tomaso Bigua in 1998. This car is the company’s only design. In the years 2000-2002, only 284 Mangustas were built, most of which were sold to the United States.



A Belgian company called Qvick Motors specializes in building and maintaining highly efficient race cars for all kinds of track events. They were known for engineering and developing the 2002 Qvick Mini Cooper S3, a vehicle inspired by the Mini Cooper. The car has competed in the Belcar series, an endurance championship series in Belgium.


In this list of car brands that start with the letter Q, we have tried our best to include every Car model that starts with the letter Q. If you discover any models that are missing from this list, please leave a comment below. Thanks!