Full List of Car Brands That Start With R (2023)

Which are the Car brands that start with R?

You must be curious to know about…Nothing to worry about. By looking at this list of car brands that start with the letter R, we hope to give you a clearer picture of the various automobile brands available. The list is intended to inform you and broaden your knowledge about automobile brands by providing you with a list of car brands starting with the R letter. Several well-known brands are represented on the list, both in the luxury and supercar segments.


Furthermore, a synopsis of each brand that starts with R is included in order to provide a more clear picture. Now let’s move on to the listing of automobile brands and manufacturers that start with R.


List of Car Brand Names that start with the letter ‘R’:


  1. Racing Dynamics
  2. Radford
  3. Ranz
  4. RE Amemiya
  5. Radical
  6. Ram
  7. Renault
  8. Reitar
  9. René Bonnet
  10. Reynard
  11. Revenge
  12. Rickenbaker
  13. Renntech
  14. Rezvani
  15. Riley
  16. Rimac
  17. Rk Collection
  18. Rinspeed
  19. RLR
  20. RMR
  21. Ronart
  22. Ronn
  23. Roewe
  24. Roock
  25. Rolls-Royce
  26. Roos
  27. Rossi
  28. Rossion
  29. Roush
  30. Rover
  31. Royal Excellence
  32. RSR
  33. RTR
  34. Russo-Baltique
  35. Ruxton
  36. Rometsch 

Car that starts with R

To help you get to know each car, we have not only listed all the Car brands and Car companies that start with R but also provided a description. To be knowledgeable, automotive enthusiasts should be acquainted with many different models.


Racing Dynamics

Racing Dynamics produces performance parts and customization parts for BMW, MINI, and Porsche vehicles. Racing Dynamics is an American tuning company. Several tuning packages have been developed by the company over the years for brands like MINI, BMW, and Porsche, for example, Racing Dynamics Z8 R50S.



The company Harold Radford (Coachbuilders) Limited was founded in the year of 1940s and specialized in coach construction. For many years, in the beginning, this coachbuilding company has made car bodies for Bentley that are in keeping with the rural lifestyles of the country they served at that time. Radford’s first major success came in 1963 when the company manufactured the Radford Mini De Ville.



Toyota Motors owns the brand Tanz, which is an automotive manufacturer. Its goal is to design and develop affordable electric cars after it was launched in 2013. A concept car called Ranz EV was presented by the company, which was its first-ever concept car. Ranz EV is an all-electric sedan designed to be based on Toyota’s Corolla.


RE Amemiya

Tomisato, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, is the origin of automotive tuner company RE Amemiya. Isami Amemiya founded the organization in 1974. With its reputation for tuning rotary engines, the company is regarded as one of the industry’s premier tuners.



The Radical Sportscars company produces and constructs racing cars in Britain. Radical creates a mix of race cars that can also be transformed into street-legal sports cars with varying specifications in certain countries. They were best known for the Radical SR3 race car that they used in international racing competitions. RXC, legal in most countries, is the most popular line of their road-legal sports cars. Since its introduction at the 2013 Autosport International auto show, the RXC has been available in various versions and with numerous configurations.



Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is an American company that makes light to mid-weight commercial trucks under the RAM brand. As a spin-off from Dodge’s Ram pickups, now known as Dodge Ram, was a successful launch. Rather than concentrating on casual truck buyers that purchase trucks for their appearance or style, today’s brand is dedicated to delivering trucks to real truck customers.



Renault has roots that date back 120 years, making it one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world by yearly production. It is the largest seller of light vehicles in the world and a member of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance. In 1899, Renault was founded and has since produced a wide range of vehicles. The company manufactures a large variety of vehicles such as automobiles, concept cars, vans, electric vehicles, trucks, tanks, tractors, coaches, aircraft engines, buses, etc. In addition, the company is heavily involved in motorsports under Renault Sport and is currently backing the Formula Renault series, an entry-level formula race.



Reiter Engineering is a German-based racing team that was established in 1994. The company builds GT3 race cars, which are mainly based on Lamborghinis. The company has used those cars for racing or sold them to other companies for a variety of purposes. As part of Reiter’s effort to bring Lamborghini’s motorsport performance to the international stage, the company started with the Diablo GT in 1996. For the past decade, the company has been a major Lamborghini race car manufacturer and has produced a number of different Lamborghini race cars.


René Bonnet

Known for building automobiles, René Bonnet was a French automaker. The company produced lightweight, mid-engined sports cars mainly powered by Renault engines, with very aerodynamic fiberglass bodies. The company’s cars competed in Le Mans 24 Hours races in 1962, 1963, and 1964.



At one point in time, Reynolds Motorsport was one of the largest manufacturers of racing cars. The firm produced race cars that were competitive on the race tracks, examples of such cars are Formula Ford 2000, Formula Ford 1600, Formula Three, Formula Vauxhall Lotus, Formula 3000, IndyCar.



In Indiana, US, Revenge Designs is a company that provides engineering and tuning services. A prominent product of Revenge Designs was the Revenge Verde Supercar that was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in the year of 2010. Every Verde supercar is estimated to cost $190,000. The company plans to produce 3,000 of them.



A US automobile manufacturer based in Detroit, Michigan, called Rickenbacker Motor Company, operated from 1922 to 1927. Rickenbacker Car Company was established in 1922 by Eddie Rickenbacker, who produced sporting coupés and touring cars, as well as sedans and roadster models such as the Vertical Eight Super Fine and Rickenbaker SuperSport.



RENNTECH is an American automaker that specializes in performance upgrades for Mercedes-AMG vehicles. Hartmut Feyhl founded the company in the year of1989. For nearly all Mercedes-Benz AMG automobiles, Renntech has developed high-performance products throughout all these years and recently realized a desire to offer products for cars from other brands as well, for example, Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen, etc. Along with producing high-performance products, Feyhl’s company has been a Mercedes-Benz specialist for many years. Some automotive magazines published articles about Mercedes-Benz cars with high performance, which were developed by the company Renntech.



Rezvani Motors is a United state based company headquartered in Irvine, California that designs and produces high-performance supercars. Rezvani Beast is the company’s first product and the main model, which is produced by this company nowadays, modeled after the Ariel Atom sports car. As part of its 2017 marketing campaign, Rezvani introduced the Rezvani TANK, a military-style truck that can function on a variety of terrains.



The Riley Motor Company was a British producer of automobiles produced by the BLMC or British Leyland Motor Corporation. Originating from Riley Cycle Company, a manufacturer of motor cars and bicycles, the brand was first introduced in 1890. From the 1920s to the 1930s. The firm developed and produced a series of sports saloons and coupes under the brand name Riley (Coventry) Limited. A few years later, during 1952, BLMC purchased Riley and began manufacturing cars under the Riley brand, which included the Riley Four, Riley Two-Point-Six, Riley One-Point-Five.



Croatian company Rimac Automobili designs and builds electric sports vehicles, drivetrains, as well as battery systems. Mate Rimac founded the company in 2009 with the aim of developing various types of automobiles for the 21st century. A Rimac Concept One car was shown at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show by this company that is known for its performance-oriented all-electric vehicles. In fact, Concept One is believed to be the fastest electric car in production. A year after Concept One was introduced, the company announced its successor in 2018, the Rimac C Two.


RK Collection

RK Motors is an America-based dealership and collection of cars established by Rob Kauffman. The company is also one of the leading restorers, re-sellers, and providers of classic, muscle, and high-performance cars in the country. There is an extensive collection of vintage cars, American muscle cars, classic cars, foreign cars, race cars, high-performance cars, motorcycles, collector cars, classic trucks, street rods, imported cars, sports cars available for sale. The company RK Collection not only operates dealerships, but also creates concept and prototype vehicles, like the 2010 RK Collection Camry NASCAR Edition.



Frank Rinderknecht founded the Rinspeed company in 1979, a Swiss automotive manufacturer and tuner company. The company mainly restores vintage and classic cars for Rinspeed. Porsche and Subaru cars are also tuned and modified by the company. Despite this, Rinspeed is more known for its unique concepts and bespoke vehicles they design and develop on their own. The new cars manufactured by Rinspeed are often introduced at international auto shows, such as the Geneva Motor Show.



In the 1970s and 1980s, RLR or commonly known as Richard Lloyd Racing, was a car racing team based in Britain. In addition to tremendous customizations of Porsche 956s and 962Cs, the team was known for overcoming some of the shortcomings of the original Porsche design. This led to all the cars on which the team worked producing better results than their original versions. All of the cars were dubbed GTi, including the 1987 RLR 962C GTi, and featured an entirely new design and unique materials that Porsche or other manufacturers would later emulate.



Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) is an American auto-tuning and parts company that is best known for its transformation of Hyundai cars, in addition to its rallying and drifting vehicles. The RMR division of Hyundai gained popularity for work on a number of Hyundai vehicles, for example, the Signature Edition Equus, the Genesis Coupe, and the Veloster Rallycross.



Ronart Cars are British sports car manufacturers and constructors of bespoke, unique sports cars. Rona Wolstenholme and Arthur Wolstenholme founded the company in 1984. A variety of automobiles, from open-wheel racing cars to modern sports cars, are designed and manufactured by the company for both roads and track day use. In addition to the Ronart W152 and Ronart Lightning, Ronart Cars designs and manufactures the Ronart W151.



A US-based American automaker named Ronn Motor Group was formerly known as Ronn Motor Company. A high-performance sports car idea was developed by Ronn Maxwell in 2007, which led to the creation of the company. Ronn Scorpion was developed from this project in 2009 and unveiled at the Monte Carlo Top Marques.



The Roewe brand was launched in 2006 by the Chinese automotive manufacturer SAIC Motor. In order to replace the Rover brand, SAIC created the Roewe brand to replace the rights to the Rover name. SAIC acquired the technology of the defunct British automaker to manufacture vehicles under the Roewe name. China’s MG brand is currently the country’s largest while exporting vehicles to a number of countries.



The company, founded by Fabian Roock in 2009, specializes in tuning cars. Roock RST 530 and Porsche RST 650 are among the Porsche vehicles the company water-cools. A custom Porsche 911, the Porsche RST 650 has a modified engine that produces up to 650 horsepower at 6560 RPM and 620 pounds-feet of torque at 4960 RPM, which made it one of the fastest cars of its time.



In 1904, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce founded Rolls-Royce, a UK-based luxury car and aerospace engine manufacturer. Rolls-Royce was formed as a partnership between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, a company that is known for producing luxury cars. Their first production model was the Rolls-Royce 10 hp. Within a short period of time, Rolls-Royce gained a reputation for producing the best cars in the world at the time due to their superior engineering. As part of their success in manufacturing aero engines during the First World War, the company diversified into manufacturing aircraft engines as well. In 1987, Rolls-Royce still had the second-highest brand popularity in the world, behind Coca-Cola.



Beat Roos founded Roos Engineering in 1975 as a tuning and engineering company in Switzerland. Aston Martin cars are one of the company’s specialties, and they have a long history with the brand. At the time, the Roos V8 Vantage V600 Shooting Brake had been noted as the fastest and strongest estate car in the world.



An American coachbuilder, Rossi Motor Company, has its headquarters in Irvine, California. A notable product is the Rossi SixtySix 2010, which is an improved version of the Corvette C6. Designed after the Stingrays of the 1960s, the car has a vintage feel to it.



Rossion Automotive is an American automotive manufacturer that develops and manufactures the Rossion Q1. In June, Rossion launched the Q1, a mid-engined sports car model based on the Noble M400. An engine with a capacity of 508 horses powers the car, which is made entirely of carbon kevlar.



Roush Performance is a very well-known American automotive company that designs and manufactures high-performance racing parts and street parts as well as for street use. Roh specializes in developing and producing aftermarket performance parts for Ford cars and trucks, primarily the Ford Mustang, Ford Focus, and light-duty Ford F-150. In addition to standard Ford models, the Roush firm creates special model vehicles such as the Roush Mustang 427R Trak Pak, Roush Mustang P-51a, and Roush G6 Signature Edition.



It has existed for more than a century, from 1904 to 2005, as the British automaker Rover. In 1931, the Rover Company Limited introduced the Rover Eight, a small, eight-horsepower, 1327cc car with a single cylinder. Many cars have been produced under the Rover name since then. In the late 1970s, Rover developed its most successful and profitable product, Range Rover, a vehicle with a highly effective and long-lasting reputation for quality and performance.


Royal Excellence

Aston Martin cars are the specialty of Royal Excellence, a German tuning company. As well as the 2004 Royal Excellence V12 Vanquish, the company is known for the highly modified and engineered version of the standard Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.



Rocket sports Racing, founded in Michigan in 1960, was an American motor racing team. Team ALD’s GT2 program is notable for its plans to build high-performance race cars for use in the American Le Mans Series. RSR worked with Jaguar to develop the 2010 RSR XKR GT2 in partnership with the American Le Mans Series.



Vaughn Gittin Jr. founded RTR Vehicles in 2009, an American automotive company. Design, development, and manufacture of OEM+ performance vehicle packages for Ford’s product line are the company’s core competencies. As well as performance packages for Ford vehicles, RTR manufactures the 2013 RTR Mustang GT Coupe 5.0. RTR means ready to rock.



Ruf Automobile was founded in 1939 in Pfaffenhausen by Alois Ruf as “Auto Ruf” and has since grown into one of the most popular cars tuning companies in the world. Out of unmarked Porsche chassis, the company designs and develops its own cars. Ruf cars, including the Ruf CTR (which broke the speed record for production cars in the world with a top speed of 211 mph), are complete new cars built using Ruf-manufactured parts and materials. As a result, Porsche Performance Enhancements is considered the largest and most renowned company to develop Porsche performance enhancements.



Between 1909 and 1923, Russo-Baltique was one of the first Russian companies to manufacture vehicles and aircraft. A truck, bus, and car were built by the company from 1909 to 1923, based on other cars made at that time by other manufacturers. As part of the 2006 Concours d’Elegance, a group of investors revived the Russo-Baltique by introducing a luxury concept car called Russo-Baltique Impression.



From 1929 to 1933, the New Era Motors Company produced the Ruxton automobile. A front-wheel-drive automobile designed by William Muller, the Ruxton was the first of its kind. Ruxton’s were reported to have been produced approximately 100 times.



The Karoserie Friedrich Rometsch is a German metallurgical coachbuilding company with its headquarters in Berlin-Halensee. In addition to modifying and repairing coaches, trailers, and body parts, it repaired the chassis and bodies of various cars. Founded in 1924, Friedrich Rometsch’s company made two models of cars in the 1950s that were based on the Volkswagen Beetle, the Beeskow, and the Lawrance.


In this list, we have tried to include all car models that start with the letter R, but if any are missing, please let us know. Thanks!