Corvette-Powered Land Rover Defender Costs Ferrari Money


Predictably, the first of these cars, which are limited to a run of three vehicles per batch, will be called the First Edition. These are based on a Defender 110 powered by Chevy’s LS3 engine, producing 565 hp. Also included are ECD’s custom air suspension, brakes, and 20-inch black wheels. Finally, things are topped off with a roll cage (with ladder), light bar, and rear light.

Inside, the interior features the 110’s 2+2+4 seating layout for a total of eight passengers and includes plenty of modernities, like A/C that isn’t asthmatic. Each, predictably, gets a badge to “highlight its unique status,” because you just can’t have a special edition without one. If you do want one, you’d better act fast. ECD says two of the three in this run are already sold.


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