DeTomaso Designer Pens V12 Concept Inspired By Legends


The sketch was done in software called Gravity Sketch, which Wong elaborates on a bit in his post. “I created this concept in a few days, obvious inspiration of the 917, Lola T70 and the Ferrari 512 S. I spent about a week refining the body as I’m quite meticulous about reflections, more so, I wanted to test and exhaust the software to find its absolute limits.”

Wong said that the project was partly inspired by his time with his own personal Lotus Exige. The designer has since moved on to a white Ferrari 458 Speciale for his daily. It was also an homage to the end of the V12.

“In short I loved my Lotus Exige so much at the time, it inspired me to create a brand new V12 glory machine to celebrate the last decade of the combustion engine.”


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