Car Scratches: Here’s How You Can Fix It

Who doesn’t love their vehicle? We all know how much a car’s investment is to a person and their family. So, no matter if you’re a first-time or seasoned driver, almost everyone dreads that treacherous moment whenever there’s a scratch on a beloved vehicle. Some may even say that it’s as painful as heartbreak.

Car scratches occur in all shapes and sizes. It can be a mere scratch that you can fix yourself or a deep scratch that would need the hands of an expert.

Types of Car Scratches

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The following are the three primary types of scratches that you can observe in most cars. You should know that each type of scratch varies in severity and would require a specific repair method. Continue reading to take a closer look at the type of scratches!

Clear Coat Scratches

A clear coat scratch occurs when the coat (usually on top of your car’s paintwork) is damaged. It’s typically shallow, and the blemishes can vary from minor, unnoticeable blemishes to more pronounced and visible scratches.

These are visible only upon close inspection. They look straight, swirly, and whorls white lines. Clear coats are placed on top of the paintwork to protect the paint so it won’t easily penetrate.

Most clear coat scratches can be fixed with a mild abrasive compound and a microfiber cloth. However, this method would only apply to minor blemishes since more severe scratches to clear coats would require a professional to fix them.

Paint Scratches

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Fixing paint scratches is more challenging than fixing clear coat scratches since the paint itself is affected. This occurs when the car gets keyed, or the car comes in contact with a rigid surface. As we all know, the paint is one of a car’s most crucial exterior factors. When it’s damaged, the metal underneath will get exposed. While not exactly as severe as a primer scratch, it’s still something you need to address promptly.

The severity of the scratches would range from minor surface scratches to intense paint scratches where you could see the car’s metal. A paint correction compound can fix minor paint scratches, and it’s when only the car’s surface is impacted. You can fix this yourself.

On the other hand, a much deeper paint scratch would require a paint job. Often, car owners would bring their cars to a professional to ensure that the car would still look the same as when they first got it.

So find a reliable and good repair shop that can fix your car, suit your preferences, and is near you. That way, you wouldn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of driving ways away from the repair shop. So, whether you need the best scratch repairs Brisbane shops offer or just a paint Job in Manhattan, finding the right local repair shop is an effort worth making.

Primer Scratches

Going one level higher is primer scratches, the most severe of the three types and, as you can guess, much more challenging to fix. You can tell that the primer layer is damaged when the gray metal is exposed. Compared to the first two types of scratches, primer scratches would require professional intervention since they’re too deep for a simple touch-up job.

How Can You Fix Scratches on Your Car?

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As you’ve read above, different scratches require different ways to fix them. Indeed, superficial scratches can be easily buffed and repaired by car owners in their garages. However, the worst scratches always require professional intervention. Let’s discuss how to fix clear coat, paint, and primer scratches.

Seek Professional Help

Does your car have deep scratches that cover a large area? If so, you must face the reality that this isn’t something you can DIY. A professional has the expertise, skills, and strategies to make your car look brand new again. If you do it yourself, you may cause further damage to the paintwork. Leave it to the professionals to take care of your vehicle.

If it’s your first time owning a car, it may be hard to start finding a good repair shop. Here’s a list of tips on how to look for a good one:

  • Find a shop near you that specializes in the brand of your car.
  • Search the Internet.
  • Ask your family, friends, and co-workers for their recommendations.
  • Check for certification.
  • Ensure that the shop is convenient for you.

Use a Primer and Paint Pen

If the scratch is shallow, you can use a primer and paint pen to fix the scratches. You can start the work by cleaning the scratched area with soap and water. After it has dried, apply the primer and paint to the affected area. Let the paint dry completely before you add a clear coat of sealant. A sealant would protect the primer and paint you added so the scratch won’t be visible again.

Utilize a Polishing Compound

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When the car scratches are shallow, you can use a polishing compound to remove the blemishes. Do this by applying the compound to a microfiber cloth and gently rubbing the affected area until you can visibly see that the scratch is removed.

Final Thoughts

Car scratches are the most common damage that can happen to your car. Naturally, car owners can’t predict what will happen to their cars when they’re on the road. It’s why many recommend getting car insurance before you even step into your car and ride it somewhere.

Car scratches can seem like the world’s end for first-time car owners, but don’t worry just yet and follow the things mentioned above! Fortunately, car repair shops in most cities can easily fix major scratches, and there are solutions you can do yourself for minor ones.