Mercedes-Benz SL Hybrid Spied Without The Camo


Strangely enough, this big SL has no camo on it at all. That confirms a number of specifics. First, changes will be purely mechanical. Second, this car will not share any characteristics with the upcoming AMG SL, which we expect to have 800 or more horsepower. There’s also a bit of Mercedes-Benz design here confirming that further. The pipes on Merc’s cars typically give away how powerful they are under the hood.

Round pipes? It’s more than likely you’re looking at a more chilled-out version of the car. Square pipes? Full kill mode. As fast as Mercs will get this side of Lewis and George’s personal cars, and naturally the AMG model. There are some exceptions, like the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 we have as a tester for review this week that has round pipes.


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